The Hamptons Fishery have some simple rules to help protect our environment and your safety. Please abide by them and show consideration to other anglers and non-anglers to ensure everyone has a safe, enjoyable and fair time at the Fishery.

  1. Fishing from dawn till dusk only. No night fishing.
  2. All anglers must have in their possession a current Environment Agency Rod Licence. Regular checks will be performed.
  3. All members must also have in their possession their membership ID card to prove authority to be fishing on that date.
  4. The Bailiffs or present Members reserve the right to inspect all fishing equipment being used at the fishery.
  5. No keepnets or sacking of fish (Except on match days and when Bailiffs are moving fish.)
  6. Catch and release fishing only. All fish to be returned to the water unharmed as soon as possible.
  7. Use only fish-friendly landing nets.
  8. Use unhooking mats for all fish (rather than placing them on the deck where they will injure themselves) and keep the fish wet.
  9. Strictly NO fishing in restricted areas. (Bailiffs only, reserve the right to remove fish from the stock ponds.)
  10. Micro-barb hooks only and no larger than size 10.
  11. Always use line of a breaking strain befitting the species of fish you are targeting. (For all advice, please refer to the number at the bottom of the page).
  12. No fixed leads or fixed swimfeeders.
  13. No spinning.
  14. Maximum of two rods per angler (with single angler on swim)
  15. Maximum of two anglers per swim (one rod per angler). Strictly NO extra people on swim except under guidance of Bailiff Team members.
  16. No Bivvies or Tents. Umbrellas are allowed. 
  17. No Boilies (Paste Only)
  18. No Particles or Nuts (Except Hemp, Sweet corn and Maize)
  19. Please take all your litter etc home with you.
  20. If you cannot retrieve lost or snagged tackle, please inform the Estate Office of its whereabouts. All lost or snagged tackle will be retrieved by Bailiffs only. Do not enter the water.
  21. Do not wade, bathe or swim in the lake
  22. Never leave baited rods in the water or on the decking unattended, as fish or other wildlife can pick it up.
  23. Anglers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  24. Strictly no noise. No radios or CD players are allowed. Use personal music players at your own risk.
  25. No fires or barbeques
  26. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times
  27. Dog owners are responsible for their dog’s mess
  28. All used or discarded tackle must be taken home or binned – even if it isn’t yours. Thank you.
  29. No alcohol is allowed on site. Anglers must not be on the water in an inebriated state.
  30. Do not attempt to restrain an injured or hooked Swan (or other large bird or animal) by holding onto the line it’s attached to. Severe trauma and heightened injury often follow. Cut the line and immediately inform one of the following organisations:
  • National Swan Sanctuary – 01932 240790
  • Wildlife Aid Foundation (Leatherhead) – 09061 800132
  • RSPCA (wildlife welfare advice) – 01895 231435

Smaller birds can often be unhooked and freed at once or held in a small box or other dark space if treatment is required.

If you believe someone is fishing without permission, or people are misbehaving around the fishery, please call:

  • Estate Office: 07908 520391
  • The local Safer Neighbourhood Police Team: 07407 497612

Any persons NOT following the above rules may be banned from the water.

Always show consideration to other anglers and non-anglers, always notify someone of where you intend to fish and what time you are expected to return, respect the fish and the environment and enjoy your day.

If you require any advice before your visit, call the Bailiff Team on: 07908 539596


We are sorry that we have had to include the following message.

It has come to the Bailiff’s notice that one or two members and their guests are not observing the rules properly. In some cases, not at all. People have been caught fishing with BARBLESS hooks, this is NOT allowed. Our fish are lively and Barbless hooks can result in torn mouths. Please note, whilst fishing on our lake you will use only MICRO BARBED hooks and no larger than size 10.

Other worrying practices noticed include:

  • Lifting hooked fish out of the water without a landing net. This again can damage or even kill fish.
  • Fishing without having an Unhooking mat to use. Again, a fish flapping about on wooden decking will damage itself, losing scales, losing important mucus from its body and being left open to fungal infections.
  • Not having adequate unhooking tools. As we only use micro barbed hooks, you will need the correct tools for unhooking fish. A selection of disgorgers and a pair of fine forceps.

All of the answers to the above points are plain common sense and before you even think about booking your next session, please make sure you have the correct equipment. Must have items include:

  • A selection of MICRO BARBED hooks (no larger than size 10)
  • A selection of unhooking tools
  • A large enough landing net (fish friendly mesh)
  • An adequate unhooking mat

If you are unsure about any of your equipment, please enquire at ‘CHEAM ANGLING’ 705 London Road, North Cheam, where Roger or Karen will happily advise and guide you.

Any members found not observing the rules or questioning the authority of any member of the Bailiff Team will be subject to a ‘Three Strike’ rule.

For a first offence that member will receive a verbal warning.

A second offence will be dealt with by way of a written warning.

A third offence will see that member ejected and banned from the lake with his card confiscated and his £25 returned. The committee will then decide if the ejection will be permanent or for a determined period.

So please make sure your guests don’t let you down and more importantly, don’t let yourself down.

Our aim is to see EVERY fish returned safely and unharmed to the water as quickly as possible. If you catch a fish that appears unwell or if you are concerned about the health or condition of a fish, please unhook it and leave it in your landing net (in the water) and call the Bailiff.

Also, we have still found some litter around platforms. Please take your rubbish and any other rubbish you may see home with you.

Thank you. Happy (and thoughtful) fishing.