Reed Warbler - Photo by Dan Burgess

Reed Warbler – Photo by Dan Burgess

Forty two species were seen during the period. Thirty six visits were made. Up to two Cormorants and two Herons were seen.

The Mute Swanshad six cygnets by May 6th but these quickly disappeared. Coots and Moorhens fared better. By the end of the period the Coots had nine young and the Moorhens eight young. The Water Rail was last seen on April 3rd .Although Mallards were always present no ducklings were seen. The last Black-headed gull was seen on April 2nd and one had returned by June 20th. There was one observation of a Sparrow hawk. A Kingfisher was present but elusive. A pair of Reed buntings were present but they were also quite elusive. It was good to see House Sparrows and up to 20 were feeding by the end of the period. Both Great-spotted woodpecker and Green Woodpecker were around the area. The first Swallow was seen on May 1st and the nearby resident pair were seen regularly after May 16th. Swifts were regular over the pools from May 15th. The first Reed warbler was early this year on April 19th and six pairs were breeding during the period. Up to four pairs of Whitethroats were present from April 30th. Up to four pairs of Blackcaps were breeding around the periphery of the pools. A singing Garden Warbler on May 1st was a good find. There was a guided tour around the pools on June 20th as part of the Hamptons mid-summer fiesta. Ten people were shown the habitat and saw a variety of birds.
A new amphibian pool has been constructed. Birds took advantage of the drinking facilities provided and ten species have been seen.