duckThe site was visited on fifty days during the period April 1st to July 30th and 52 species were seen including birds flying over. Highlights were six resident Reed Warblers, a pair of Reed Buntings, a Sedge Warbler in July, Lesser Whitethroats (on passage), two Whitethroat territories, two Chiffchaff territories, Willow warblers (on passage) and several records of Peregrine Falcons. A Nuthatch was unusual.

A Little Grebe was present on the north pool but had gone by the end of April. A Cormorant was frequent in April and May. Two Herons were around daily. A Kingfisher used the pools to feed and was seen flying off towards Beverley Brook. The pair of Mute Swans had seven cygnets by May 8th but these had disappeared by June 3rd. A pair of Canada Geese nested on the channel side, there were 3 goslings but they quickly disappeared. Six pairs of Coots bred and 32 young were hatched but by July 29th there was only one remaining. My guess is that many flew off elsewhere.

swallowsFive pairs of Moorhen bred and by 29th July there were fifteen young. A Great Spotted Woodpecker nested at the north end of the pools and fledged young. Four Blackcap territories were on the edge of the pools. A Nuthatch was in the shrubbery on May 30th. Two pairs of Swallows nested in the stables and their young were seen over the pools.

Goldfinch numbers had reached 20 by the end of July. A pair of Pied Wagtails bred on the Hamptons. Peregrine Falcons were seen on the pylon at the north end of the pools during July.

The new ponds at the north end of the pools were quite productive with Newts and Dragonflies.
There were lots of butterflies in the hot weather including a Marbled White. The nearest colony of this species is in Nonsuch Park.

A Cuckoo flew over the pools  on Sunday 27th.

Photos kindly supplied by Bill Reid.