Forty four species were seen during the period. The Mute swan pair hatched seven young around about May 6tt and to date five were present. There were six pairs each of Coot and Moorhen. By May 25th there were 24 Coot young.

By July 31 st there were 14 Moorhen young. There were about 7 Mallard ducklings. A Little grebe was around for a few days in mid April. On April 26th two females and one male Tufted duck appeared for the day. There were two Reed bunting territories occupied up to the end of the period. The first Reed warbler appeared on April 26th and there were six territories altogether.

A Sedge warbler was singing for a couple of weeks in mid May but did not stay. Up to 50 House sparrows were using the reeds to loaf in and feed from in July. The first Swift appeared on May 4th and were regular drinking from the pools during the period.

Up to two Cormorants and Herons were present. A Kingfisher was seen irregularly. There were several sightings of Red kites flying over the area. A Buzzard flew out of the shrubs on May 3rd and was mobbed by 60 crows. A Garden warbler on April 29th was a good sighting.