Welcome to the Hamptons Wetlands Fishery

The Hamptons Wetlands has been providing beautiful natural habitat and fishing for the community since its creation. Gary Weaving and a dedicated group of members opened the fishery to residents in the 2011/12 season. We soon realised we would be able to accommodate residents from outside The Hamptons, albeit, fairly local and to this day, we are always pleased to welcome new members.

Some dedicated club members, led by Head Bailiffs, Chris Pennington and Graham Huntley have been working on and maintaining the ponds for quite a few years now.  Nearly every other weekend (at least once a month, weather permitting) the team go down to the lakes and tend the bank side vegetation, remove litter and they often rake the bottom of the main lake to clear it of excess weed. They also keep a keen eye on the welfare of the fish and the water birds.

The fishery (primarily a wildlife sanctuary) was set up as a teaching facility for children and every year, the fishery attracts dozens of youngsters, excited and eager to catch their first fish, under supervision of course.

Local residents, who have signed up as members, have the freedom to fish the main lake. They can book a session via this website using their personal identification numbers. As all can see, it is a fairly small area and as a wildlife sanctuary the fishing has to be carefully controlled. This means that no more than four of the six platforms will be in use at any one time during the course of a day. The only time all platforms will be in use will be on special ‘Children and Parent’ sessions, or outings for one of the four local primary schools. It is also worth noting that there are no parking facilities on site.

The area is not just for fishing though, lots of people visit the park with their families to simply enjoy the quiet peacefulness of the area. They picnic and feed the ducks and the children use the play area.

Bird watchers visit and keep a keen eye on the Swans, Reed Warblers and various other wild fowl. Kingfishers are starting to frequent the ponds, a direct result of the presence of fish. You may have noticed one of our pages on this site (Above the Water) has been given over to one of our local ornithologists, Bob Smith.

He visits the lakes nearly every morning and last year counted almost seventy different species of bird using the wetlands and surrounding parkland.

Bob and many other people want the area to remain as it is, quiet and undisturbed, and rightly so. This is why we have to keep the fishery side of it very low key.

For those of you concerned about the impact we may have on the environment and the wildlife, please rest assured that the future wellbeing of the wetlands is foremost in our thoughts, and we will endeavour to make sure that any impact will be positive.

Thank you for visiting our website, please look in again.

The Hamptons Wetlands Fishery is a member’s only fishing club and not open to the general public as a day ticket water. Any unauthorised persons found in the fishery area will be ejected or even prosecuted.

For all enquiries, please phone the Estate Office on: 07908 520391 Monday to Friday 10am till 4pm.